• JFGMALL, “Renewal OPEN”

    더욱 새롭고, 간편하고, 편리하게 JFG몰 공식 사이트 오픈

    2024 02 21


It is a contemporary select brand that is breaking the boundaries between high fashion and street fashion with a shoe brand based on the modern interpretation of classical.



Inspired by all the interesting things that happen in everyday life without being bound by a specific concept, we want to capture fun and joy in a variety designs.



It is an easy & street fashion shoes brand that adds special dignity to ordinary daily life, and competes with a design that reflects trends in a free and classical style, an optimal price, and high quality.


Founded in January 2010, shoe manufacturing and online sales Joy Company, which specializes in, has grown steadily over the past 10 years, including WE THE ROAD, PASCOROZEN and SHOECUS ST.Allan1870, HEELTOP, SE'CONDAILY, DAILYSHOE, JOY Select, etc We launched various shoes brands With over 10 billion won in annual sales growth It has established itself as a company specializing in total shoes.

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